• The Four Horsemen

    Tour guide Alvise Marangon thinks he knows Venice better than ever, but now finds himself ensnared by mysteries as obscure as the city and in many cases just as old. Certain that he is finally about to have his guide’s license revoked after a tavern brawl, Alvise is instead dragooned into the service of Missier […]

  • Ascension

    Venice in 1749 – the city has lost its political and financial primacy but has become Europe’s pleasure capital, famous for its gambling dens, its courtesans, its hectic carnival, its music, art and theatre – and the most highly organised secret service in Europe. Alvise Marangon, born in Italy but brought up in London, returns […]

  • A Nice Steady Job

    When Sir Alfred Aimslet hires January Esposito to investigate the disappearance of his son, Piers, Jan’s peaceful days of teaching English in Verona come to an abrupt end. Jan learns that Piers has lately been running with a crowd suspected of being involved in a recent killing in the Italian countryside, but he can’t tell […]

  • Every Picture Tells a Story

    Six months after being released from prison for forgery, London artist Martin Phipps is starting over. While making the rounds at a gallery opening, Martin meets and speaks with a mysterious Italian man who is searching for the same art dealer that hired Martin to paint forgeries. Later that evening, while walking the streets of […]

  • See Naples and Kill

    It had been a bad week for January Esposito. First, he is fired from his job in London; then a letter from his girlfriend enclosing a snapshot of her wedding to a Mormon missionary. A visit from his medallion-sporting brother Gigi didn’t help, particularly when his hasty departure through the kitchen window coincided with a […]

  • Double Take

    ‘Deft and rollicking… a sizzling skyrocket of a thriller.’ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ‘The plot really zips along through murderous twists and turns to a fantastic climax.’ MAIL ON SUNDAY ‘Here’s a new writer born with that silver spoon of a gift for dialogue, for catching the tones of a whole clutch of differing people. When he […]


  • David Mason – A Critical Introduction

    A study of the American poet David Mason. It contains an overview of Mason’s contribution to American literature, a short biography, an analysis of his first three collections and his verse-novel Ludlow, and an interview with the poet.

  • Someone’s Road Home: Questions of Home and Exile in American Narrative Poetry

    “Make yourself up a cheering song of how / Someone’s road home from work this once was,” wrote Robert Frost in his quest-poem, “Directive”. The “road home” has always been a central theme in American culture; where it cannot be found, artists have often had to resort to “making it up”, in songs and poems […]

  • In Venice and in the Veneto with Lord Byron

    Lord Byron lived in Venice for three years, from 1816 to 1819. He has become one of the legends of the city, with his palace on the Grand Canal, his great swimming feats and his notorious love-life. More importantly, these three years were a turning point in his creative career. Venice, which was in sad […]