Grateful to Lisa Redmond for this review of THE FOUR HORSEMEN on the website “Madwoman in the Attic”:  

The Locations of Ascension. 3. Ca’ Garzoni

Ca’ Garzoni (Ca’ is simply short for Casa or Home and is used with many Venetian palaces, including some of the grandest),  is central to the novel. I have to say I enjoyed writing this section of the book and I think the scenes work well. I don’t want to […]

THE FOUR HORSEMEN – out today!

Today is publication day for Alvise’s second adventure. Very happy to have had positive reviews on the “Love Reading” website, which can be read here .  

The Four Horsemen. Author’s recording of Chapter One.

Here is my recording of the first chapter of my new Alvise Marangon novel, The Four Horsemen (out 6th July in the UK). I will upload a more professional recording soon but in the meantime I hope this gives a flavour of the book – and of Alvise’s voice. 

Definitive cover of The Four Horsemen (UK edition) – coming in July

So this is the definitive cover of The Four Horsemen – Alvise Marangon Mysteries No. 2. Accept no substitutes…   And the story-line: After reluctant spy Alvise Marangon is arrested in a tavern brawl, he is summoned to meet the Missier Grande, head of the city’s powerful secret service. Rather […]

The Locations of Ascension. 2. Ca’ da Mosto

Ca’ da Mosto is where the Albergo del Leon Bianco was situated in the 18th century, and where Mr Boscombe and Mr Shackleford stay at the beginning of Ascension. It was one of the best-known hotels in the city and we have a description of its comforts by Thomas Beckford […]

And here is La Sensa today…

So here is today’s equivalent of the Bucintoro, the ‘Serenissima’, carrying the Mayor, the Patriarch and various other dignitaries towards the church of San Nicolò on the Lido, where the Mayor duly dropped the ring into the waters of the lagoon and renewed the city’s marriage-vows… Perhaps not quite so […]

Today is “Ascension”

Today (Sunday 28th May) is “Festa de la Sensa”, as they call Ascension Day in Venetian. (In Italy the feast is shifted to the Sunday following the Thursday on which the feast is officially located.) So here is Francesco Guardi’s great painting of the event, which partly helped to inspire the […]